Cheyne Henriksson

DC Chiropractic, Sweden


About me

As a chiropractor, I am a healthcare provider and medical practitioner within the Swedish healthcare system. I recieved my licence through Socialsyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare) year 2015 after I completed my five-year education Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan (Scandinavian Collage of Chiropractic) and a year of internship within Swedish healthcare.


I worked at Skandinaviska Kiropraktorhögskolan as a course coordinator, lecturer and I also have an education in teaching CPR .


My primary goal is to reduce my patient's pain, restore the body’s primal function and increase patients’ health through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system.

Thanks to my interest in sports and music I have wide knowledge about conditions related to these.



Being a chiropractor lets me care for people who have various problems and pains. You can find me at two different companies, both who share the same interests in practicing chiropractic, helping people get rid of pain, improve their health and performance, teaching how the body works and what you can do to help it prosper and avoid falling back into unhealthy habits.

Thorne Kiropraktik is a company founded by Cheyne Henriksson year 2015.


If you are looking to hire a chiropractor for reasons such as lecturing, private chiropractor at a sports/athletic club, health check-ups, events etc. you can contact Thorne Kiropraktik and read more about the company by pressing the link below.


Thorne Kiropraktik


(+46) 0734-26 17 27



As the chiropractor focuses a lot on the spinal function, common reasons for patients to contact one would be for neck and back pains. However, that is not all we know. I’ve studied 62 different courses during my education, all about subjects such as neurology, pathology, sports medicine, anatomy, physiology and so on. You should be able to visit a chiropractor with anything bodyrelated and he/she should know what to do or where to send you.

Naturally, people will go to a chiropractor when in pain such as headaches, joint or muscle pains, sports injuries, overload, chronical pains or acute pains. But sometimes, prevention is key. You don’t always go to a dentist because you have holes in your teeth. You go there to prevent them and for check-ups. Your body should be treated the same way.




A chiropractor is a licensed manual therapist who treats his/her patients to reduce their pain, restore the body’s primal function and increase patients’ health through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Being licenced is a sign of approval and knowledge in a field which requires a licence to practice.

Chiropractic is safe, a reliable method and for all bodytypes.




The chiropractor’s most well-known form of treatment is the joint manipulation technique, also known as High Velocity Low Amplitude-manipulation (HVLA-manipulation). It is a directed thrust to move a joint past the physiological range of motion, without exceeding the anatomical limit. In other words, the chiropractor nullifies the joint’s negative feedback by separating it, bringing normal movement and function back in the joint as well as easing pain. This method is gentle and painless to the body if performed by a licenced chiropractor.



By going to a chiropractor, you have just taken the first step towards becoming more aware of your body and learning how to recognize it's way of speaking to you. A chiropractor will see each person as a whole and each different patient will have his or her individual problem and treatment plan. This way you will get the most effective treatment for your specific needs.